Brian has more than 25 years of experience in journalism and copywriting. He’s written for a number of national publications and created compelling content for a wide range of corporate and nonprofit clients.
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Whether your website content needs a refresh or it’s being built from the ground up, we can craft the copy. Our goal is to create content that aligns with your marketing strategy and captures the attitude and voice of your company.


Well-crafted press releases boost industry recognition and raise the profile of products or services. Let us uncover the story and get your brand identity into the media mix.


This is the section of your website that started with good intentions and then probably fizzled out. We’ll suggest relevant topics, do the research and writing, and even develop a posting schedule.


We’ve got experience working with clients on projects ranging from holiday sales pushes to non-profit annual appeals.


Get Back on the Content Creation Train

Let me get this off my chest — I’m a bit of a content creation hypocrite. I’m always advising clients to get on a consistent posting schedule to boost engagement and establish themselves as experts in their respective industries. I haven’t posted a blog in months. Looking back at why there’s a laundry list of lame excuses. Writing too much for clients so the creativity tank is low at the end of a day, not [...]

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5 Surefire Ideas to Conquer Online Teaching Challenges

Teaching a class when you don’t have much experience in that arena is daunting. Add a computer, a video cloud platform, and a few dozen people watching from their remote spot of choice,and things can get downright weird. I’ve had a couple of opportunities over the past few months to teach online classes for entrepreneurs interested in learning about content. Here are some tips on how to communicate effectively with people on a screen and [...]

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How a “Goop Pitcher” Connected on Social Media

One of my clients manufactures hand-crafted, classic games. His company is a great litmus test for how to engage people with short social media attention spans. After a series of hit and miss posts, he shared a photo on Instagram of the workshop's "Goop Pitcher." Just an ordinary plastic pitcher used to catch the colorful resin overflow from making backgammon checkers. The post generated a huge response -- People wanted more shop content. The [...]

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Don’t Cloud Your Message with Industry Jargon

Listening to someone explain how they leverage and optimize digital platforms to increase B2B and B2C conversion rates can be a tough conversation. That's why communications efforts suffer when content relies too heavily on industry-related language. I can't emphasize enough that the tone of the writing needs to be right. The challenge is to bring industry-specific topics to a conversational level while retaining the message. Here are a few ideas on how to approach this [...]

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Tips to Create Sharp, Engaging Content

Regularly posting on social media and blogging are great ways to promote your business or organization. Making sure this content is clear and concise goes a long way in connecting with your audience. Put the tips below into practice to create sharper, more effective posts. Get specific: Concentrate on a specific part of your business. For example, "We fix computers," is too broad and doesn't have much buzz. "We can help you manage your kids' [...]

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3 Reasons Why You Need a Content Posting Schedule

Years ago, one of my editors liked to say, "Plan your work and work your plan." Back then it only applied to a print deadline. Now that we've got multiple media platforms to manage planning your work pays off even more. Here's Why: 1. Time is on your side: Every business is impacted to a certain degree by the calendar. If you're staring at a blank screen at Thanksgiving planning content for a Christmas holiday [...]

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