Listening to someone explain how they leverage and optimize digital platforms to increase B2B and B2C conversion rates can be a tough conversation. That’s why communications efforts suffer when content relies too heavily on industry-related language.

I can’t emphasize enough that the tone of the writing needs to be right. The challenge is to bring industry-specific topics to a conversational level while retaining the message. Here are a few ideas on how to approach this style of writing.

Go to the source: To translate what the digital marketer above is talking about, there’s no substitute for engaging with people who are creating and delivering a product or service. Their feedback is critical for you to understand the subject, identify the target audience and ensure content is on target. If possible, keep them in the loop for the entire project.

Simplify the language: If the content has more industry keywords than a LinkedIn page, it’s not going to read well. Concentrate on simplifying the language and keep enough technical lingo to connect with the target audience. If you sound robotic when you read it, cut more of the tech speak.

Stick with the basics: Marketing efforts can be derailed if they lose focus on what makes an organization tick. For example, referring to how a company uses technology and mixing in relevant terminology is great, but always bring it back to what makes the business successful by using tangible examples.