Regularly posting on social media and blogging are great ways to promote your business or organization. Making sure this content is clear and concise goes a long way in connecting with your audience. Put the tips below into practice to create sharper, more effective posts.
Get specific: Concentrate on a specific part of your business. For example, “We fix computers,” is too broad and doesn’t have much buzz. “We can help you manage your kids’ screen time from a smartphone,” sparks more interest.
Cut it short: Attention spans are shorter than ever so keeping content focused works best. Write and then rewrite until the copy is concise. Use links to relevant information instead of providing every detail.
Be conversational: Read your post out loud to “hear” the tone. Make it sound like a conversation you want to have with the reader. No matter what the business or industry, if the content sounds flat it’s hard for readers to digest.
Expand on news: Convert business news and events into stronger opportunities for engagement. For example, If your company wins an award, don’t just post a photo of the “grip and grin” from the presentation. Recognize the achievement, but let readers know more about what your organization does and the great employees who make it happen.
Add Value: Give readers content they can use. Share breaking industry news, product reviews, thought-provoking opinions on business trends, etc. Build a reputation as an expert in your industry. If from your perspective it’s an interesting topic, trust your instincts and run with it. One caveat here is to be certain that posts are timely and accurate. Do your research and make sure content is on target.
Putting the ideas I shared here into practice will help you create quality copy for a variety of media platforms. Combined with your overall communications strategy, client engagement and website traffic should definitely see a spike.

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