Let me get this off my chest — I’m a bit of a content creation hypocrite. I’m always advising clients to get on a consistent posting schedule to boost engagement and establish themselves as experts in their respective industries. I haven’t posted a blog in months.

Looking back at why there’s a laundry list of lame excuses. Writing too much for clients so the creativity tank is low at the end of a day, not really seeing much traction from posted content, finding interesting topics is a bit of a grind, I could go on all day. 

The hard truth is that it’s easy for content creation to stall. Here are three tips that I’m committed to following through on to generate some quality blogs without driving myself nuts.

  1. Think quick hits. Don’t get sidetracked into complex topics that are too long. Focus on small bites of information.
  2. Be on the lookout for ideas on websites, forums, and during client interactions. Keep an eye on industry trends.
  3. Repurpose the content you create work for you on multiple platforms. Simple rewrites and tweaks stretch one idea a long way.

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Photo by Gary Doughty on Unsplash